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Dating Site Profile Shoots in and Around Phoenix
For a limited time, just $175. Includes up to six processed images*
  • A shoot of up to an hour near your home: one outside location with two outfits (or at least two tops) and one indoors location with a third outfit
  • I process and upload a set of small proofs of the shots
  • You choose two photographs of each of the three settings/outfits
  • I fully process your chosen images, upload them as medium-size proofs, and send you a PayPal invoice
  • I deliver your images as JPEGs in two sizes each via download from my server or by email. The larger size of each will measure 1313 x 875 pixels (~1MB). Here's an example image.

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Why three settings and outfits?

Because it's all you need for your Match®, eHarmony®, or other dating profile. With fewer, you're not showing your whole self and body. With more, your profile will be cluttered and you'll be showing off your travels or interests and not yourself.

One of the three should be a full-length shot of you, another should be a medium shot, and another should be a close-up. Of the three, one should be taken indoors and where you feel comfortable, maybe the couch or chair where you relax and talk with visiting guests. Kitchens also work great since that's where you often entertain hosting parties.

Write me right now at or call me at the number noted in the header to ask questions or to let me know when is good for you! Time of day matters for the outdoors shoot. A low sun, whether morning or evening, is always best.

* Except for direct referrals, a $50 deposit (cash or credit) is due after the shoot. Regular rate for the described package is $250. All images are captured in RAW format and initially processed through Abode Lightroom or Camera Raw.


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